"View this on our website" link problems

Hi There!

I'm having few problems with the "view this on our website" link. In the html email that I have put together and uploaded to the web the link looks like:

View this on our<a href="www.mypretendsite.com/newsletter/redhotnews.html" title="View this newsletter on our website." target="_blank">website</a>

But when testing the email, the link location always ends up being:


With the address being repeated like that.

What am I doing wrong??



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Jim,

In your link you just need to put the http://, so

View this on our<a href="http://www.mypretendsite.com/newsletter/redhotnews.html" title="View this newsletter on our website." >website</a>

(Also, you don't need target="_blank" because any link from an email will open into a browser window)

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Jim Mango, 9 years ago

Ah! Problem solved,

I realise what I am doing wrong...

Coding an email to late at night!!!!


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