Column space in iPhone


my question is about tables and iPhone.

I did the "Design Test" before sending my campaign, and I found that my table doesn't work correctly in iPhone.

Concretely, the column that I added to have space between the other two columns. In iPhone the column disappears:

I paste here the code for this space column:

<td width="10" height="100%"> </td>                    
<td width="1" height="100%" bgcolor="#EE2929" background="nomon_guion.gif"> </td>
<td width="10" height="100%"> </td>

Have anyone the hack?


andreand, 6 years ago

Hi CM and readers,

I'd like to know who found this error in iPhone.
And, of course, I'd like to know how to fix it or a url that tells about it.


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 6 years ago

I'd start by double checking that the correct widths have been set to the remaining cells (in particular to the left and right of this divider) and then re-testing. - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre

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