Unsubscribing from one of multiple lists

I have two lists that I send to for two types of emails - Newsletters and Promotions. Most subscribers are on both lists, though some have chosen to only receive one or the other. Is it possible to set up an unsubscribe link in which the subscriber can choose whether to unsubscribe from one or both lists?

I very much appreciate any thoughts or ideas anyone may have.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi Mary,

This is certainly possible by using your unsubscribe confirmation pages in a clever way. As you probably know, you can set a confirmation page that everyone is redirected to when they unsubscribe from that list. When designing these pages for each list, you could also include an option to unsubscribe from the other list while they are at it.

if you head into "Unsubscribe Options" for each list, you'll see where you can provide the confirmation URL, and also the code you can copy and paste to add an unsubscribe form to the page. If you add the unsubscribe form to the other list's confirmation page, you'll have exactly what you need. Please let me know if that doesn't make sense.

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