Show subscribers that haven't opened any of past XX emails?

I have about 9,000 subscribers in one of my lists, but it seems like open rates continue to go down. I'm wondering how many of those subscribers are just stale addresses or are going straight to spam filters.

Is there a way to find subscribers that haven't opened ANY emails in the past 6 months or 5 emails? I'm interested to see who just does not open our emails. Might be able to significantly prune our lists.

digital, 7 years ago

You can go to Lists & Subscribers > Name of your list and click to each e-mail to read the following information :

Email sent Since joining the list   
% Opened From all emails received so far
Total clicks Across email sent    
Forwards To their friends and colleagues

Of course it is a very long and boring process to do it manually for each of your 9,000 subscribers. If someone found a way to extract this informations, please share it with us.

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bc173, 7 years ago

CM offers great analytics for invididual mailings but no analytics that lay out those results over time.


Number of unsubscribers/opens/forwards per mailing over a certain time.
Number of mailings over a certain time.

Should be fairly easy to do. Those stats should be connected to lists/segments.

transformer, 6 years ago

I've just set up a segment on a mailing list with rules for "did not open X campaign" and "did not open Y campaign" etc which gave a good list of subscribers who hadn't opened any of the last 6 campaigns. I don't seem to be able to do much with that segment list though; only export but not delete.

This raises the question, given that open rates are very roughly estimated and can be quite inaccurate, should I be advising my customers to prune their subscriber lists based on consistent non-opens? Say those people have images blocked or prefer plain text emails and haven't clicked any links. Surely better advice would be to tailor content to encourage click-throughs and/or displaying images?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi transformer, sorry about the late response here, but always happy to provide my 2c. In regards to non-responsive subscribers, you may want to consider running a re-engagement campaign on this segment. You can give these subscribers the option of unsubscribing and perhaps provide some sweetener to coax others into staying on.

Surely better advice would be to tailor content to encourage click-throughs and/or displaying images?

Yes, plus make content readable, even with images off. Using text links and content instead of relying on images can make a big difference to your campaigns. Thanks again for writing in - all the best!

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