Dynamic expiration date/coupon?

For autoresponders, I have a couple needs for a coupon that expires 7 days out (or whatever the client requests). Obviously, this "7 day out" period is based on the user's birthday or whenever a drip campaign goes out so it is not a fixed date like it would be in a regular email blast.

I am hoping the current date custom field can be of use?

Here is what I need to do:
1) Have the date be a determined amount of days beyond the date of send (current date + 7 for example)
2) Be able to be passed to a "coupon" page (HTML is fine so text can populate dynamically)
3) If possible, limit the print session to one time (though I recognize there is no way to limit print quantity since the print window is local and the quantity can be whatever the use inputs.

Is this possible? Are there plug-ins or supplementary services I can explore that would work with campaign monitor?

This is the ONLY item that I need and my clients would be very happy.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi boltmason, welcome to the forums! This is something that your landing page will have to handle for the most part, but here's an idea:

- Pass the coupon start date to your landing page via a link in your email (http://landingpage.com/coupon?start_date=[start, fallback=])
- Setup some JS to take this date value and +7 to calculate the expiry
- Display coupon depending on whether the visit is within the 7-day validity period.

As mentioned earlier, this involves your landing page doing the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, I don't know of any services that could whip this together for you in a hurry (and gosh, we'd be so happy if one did come along).

Alternately, if you do decide to base your coupon expiry on a static date, it might be worth giving Google Places' coupon a look. All the best!

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boltmason, 7 years ago

Thank you. This will provide me a great start.

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