Notices about service outages

Hi CM,
Is there a place on the forum or blog where you alert users of service outages? just would be good to know so that we know if it is a problem at the user's end or at CMs end.

If you don't, I thought it might be a good one for the suggestion box.


cmchris, 7 years ago

I've just asked the same question in another thread.  This gets my vote too.

I'd love to be able to get an alert for any outages as I'm usually out of the office - little Android app would be perfect but that's probably wishful thinking ;)

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Lowy,

Thanks, if it's an outage that we feel can't be immediately addressed or will have a really big impact (on a busy weekday for instance) we definitely will take the time to announce it via twitter and the forums, but in this case our sysadmins were on top of the problem so quickly that we feel it's fine to address individual concerns that come in. We do apologize for any delays this short outage caused you.

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Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Definitely check if you ever suspect a problem, that's the first place we'll post and the most frequently updated.

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