Custom / one-off suppression lists?

My organisation uses Campaign Monitor on a regular basis. We were wondering whether it is possible to upload custom 'suppression lists / blacklists' for each campaign.

I'll use a real example to illustrate when I'm after: we might send out an email calling for our subscribers to become donors.

- We would send out an email to all subscribers to are NOT donors, and apply the standard master suppression list for those who are permanently blacklisted.

- As a further security measure we would then like to upload a campaign-specific suppression/blacklist containing ALL current donors to ensure they do not receive the email --- so that both the master suppression list and this 'campaign suppression list' would be applied.

Thank you to anyone who can help,

Kind regards,

- Lachlan.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Lachlan, welcome to the forums! You can remove subscribers from a specific list, or across all your lists - here's the skinny on how to do this.

In terms of making your blacklist campaign-specific, I'll certainly jot this up as a feature request. Thanks for your detailed feedback here, we appreciate it!

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thegoodone, 7 years ago

Great, thanks for your response, I would be elated to see that function included in future development.

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