Sending a simple, plain e-mail without branding

Hi - basically I want to send a very plain and simple e-mail to our database, as opposed to the full newsletter style template. I would like it to look like a generic e-mail without any branding or pictures. Is there a way to do this or perhaps a template already in Campaign Monitor that I can use?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 7 years ago

Hi!  Thanks for your post, I have just replied to your support ticket and thought it would be appropriate to put the details here too!

If you wish to send a simple campaign without any styling, have you considered just sending a plain text campaign?  This type of email doesn't use HTML formatting or images, just simple text.

Whilst we don't have any plain text campaign templates within the system, we have written up an article with some great examples on how to create plain text campaigns, with examples to get you started. … ting-tips/

The only possible downside is the full reporting isn't available for opens and clicks.
Hope that helps get your started

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