Images don't appear in Outlook 2010 Beta and Outlook XP

Hi CM,

I did the test of my campaign and I see that:
Outlook 2010 Beta: the first image (jpg) doesn't appear
Outlook XP: the last image (jpg) doesn't appear

However, Outlook 2000 and the rest of the email clients show these images.

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

andreand, 7 years ago

CM technicians, do you know the reason of the problem I told?
Thanks in advance!

andreand, 7 years ago

Hi CM technicians,

who could help me? Do you know the reason of the problem I told?

Outlook XP:

Outlook 2010 Beta:

Thanks in advance!

andreand, 7 years ago

Apologises, I forget posting the right one:

There isn't any problem in the rest of email clients ...


JiRaffe, 7 years ago

try shortening your image names as much as possible and see if that helps

andreand, 7 years ago

Ops! Thanks JiRaffe!!

However, these names aren't the largest (10 characters) ... the largest has 18 characters ...

What do you think about? What is your advice?

Thanks a lot!

JiRaffe, 7 years ago

The reason I suggested shortening filenames is described in another post I made here:

Even is the filenames themselves are short, once you add them to the rest of the URL that campaign monitor add on it can cause image paths to break over two lines of text

Just an idea

Good luck!

BThies BThies, 7 years ago

@andreand - Sometimes the test snapshot is taken before the image has fulled loaded, which is why you could be seeing images not displaying.  Outlook 2010 is notorious for this with testing software.  If you test again and it appears, you'll know this is the case.

@JiRaffe - most of the time those line breaks are caused by the program being used to code the document.  I've never had any issues with any filename lengths (or breaks) when using Dreamweaver.

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