Pros and Cons in empowering client to manage their own campaign

Hi all,

I'm considering adding email marketing service to complement my design services but have a few concerns in mind. As I'm a full-time freelancer and operate solely, one of my concern is the extra no. of hours I have to pour in to manage this additional service and if its worth the effort with the extra revenue it brings in.

I'm new to CM and appreciate your guidance and advice in sharing your personal experience to help me make a more informed decision.

allowing clients full access to create, manage and send their own campaigns

- I reckon there will be clients who are not as tech savvy as they believe and will run into problems with uploading and editing their HTML template, will this move increases the time needed to provide 24/7 support and tutorials for your clients? (I'm reselling hosting services and authorize clients access to their cpanel which proven to be a wrong decision made for a selective of clients and I am worried of the same scenario happening.)

- There is no way to ensure client's subscribers list is legitimate. What will happen if one client's violate the spam policy and affect the rest of the clients in the same account and to make things worst, if it so happen that there is this huge campaign schedule to be mailed out at the same time?

- While CM positioned itself as a white label solution, the login page, admin interface and reports chart are not fully customizable. What will happen if your new sign up is coming from another CM's reseller?

- After reviewing some of the featured case studies, majority of them are adopting the route to authorize clients access. I believe it is not difficult to encourage sign up for the 5 free emails trial but I wouldn't be able to access the signed up tech's skills from a submit form. What if 8 out of 10 who signed up are non-tech savvy, lusting after the 5 free emails and the time spent on guiding them to work with their template, managing lists etc turns out to be a massive volume of unbillable hours?

- I understand pricing structure is very individual and depends on your marketing strategies and targeting market. If I offer a very small mark up to attract customers for the custom edm design service, the profit from 1 edm design will be reduced significantly with the extra hours pour in to support/manage the new service. If I marked up high enough with itemized service billing and charged a management fee, I have to provide more values to my services to justify a higher cost and losing sleep over the probability of my new client coming from another CM's reseller who provides everything at $5. CM offers a comprehensive services and I have no ideas what else I can offer to justify a much higher mark up.

Managing campaigns for the clients and charged a management fee

- One of the things that attract me to CM is the ability to build an auto pilot system and offering management service seems to contradict what I wanted initially. However, after some consideration, it seems to be a better option than empowering client full access to manage their own campaigns because of the reasons above. The only hesitation is the extra time involved in this and if it is all worth it.

Have you tried both methods?

- What are the pros and cons based on your experience? To authorize client or not to?

Have you tried providing email marketing services alone and stay away from offering edm design?

- Do the majority of clients prefer free template from the gallery or a custom edm design order or done it somewhere else?

After been that done that with CM, do you have any advice for a newbie to avoid the common pitfalls?

Thanks for the time taken to read this and appreciate any input or insight that you are willing to share.

Again, thanks!

pinkfisher, 6 years ago

I've spent time reading through the forum and found bits of information that answered some of my queries but there is one area that I still can't figure out - the relationship between CM and their customers

Pardon me for my ignorant, can someone please correct me?

As a reseller, you are unable to compete with CM's pricing.

As a rebrander, you are unable to fully rebrand it. (*removing CM reference, adding logo and changing the admin color is not a full rebrand. I do wish to have clients that ignorant or oblivious to believe a different logo and header color means a different product)

Ok, we can upsell on support but doesn't CM provides it and has the resources to do it better?

Ok, we just have to make our client loves us so much that they are willing to pay more for something they can get cheaper elsewhere, lets assumed you are fortunately enough to have plenty of such clients, but how much more can you afford to charge that allows you to earn enough and not drive your customers to CM directly?

It looks too contradicting to me. At the end of the day, are we helping ourselves, our customers or CM? And are we risking our business, reputation and trust that we have painstakingly built up over the years?

Of course, is a take it or leave it situation. If I am not happy, I can move on but is there something that I failed to understand?

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