Suddenly templates will not pass postini AOL or Hotmail


I  have been testing some new templates I have designed for clients.  I got a 67% pass rate with problems from Postini, AOL and Hotmail all failing but none giving reasons why.

I retested an template which has previously given problems with only a 89% pass rate as I had made some changes to the template and now that is 67% also.

I then put a template (with exact same wording) through the spam filter again.  This previously had passed at 100% and it too  came back with 67% with the same problems with Postini, AOL and  Hotmail.  I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems.

As I design the templates but do not put in the wording (done by client) I only want to  check that my design is compliant, so should I worry about Postini, AOL and Hotmail?


adamgraves, 7 years ago

same. hotmail and aol blocking all.

vine, 7 years ago

Same here.  Template used that is normally 100% pass rate and is now failing postini, hotmail and gmail.  No reason given which makes it difficult!

lucylyn, 7 years ago

Thanks for your comments, at least I know I am not the only one getting these problems.  Does anyone at CM have any update?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Sorry for your  trouble. Our test service provider has just let us know that there was a problem with Hotmail and Gmail test results recently (the last week or so) which were causing campaigns to be reported as 'failed' when they should not have.

That's all been corrected now, and future tests should accurately reflect the results.

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lucylyn, 7 years ago

Hi Mathew

Thank you for your comments, its good to know it was not me!

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