Sending to subscribers in one list who are NOT in another list

If I have two lists:
List A - Gadgets (2,000 subscribers)
List B - Widgets (1,000 subscribers)

However, 20% of List A (400 subscribers) also are on List B.

Having just sent List A a promotion last week, I now want to send a similar promotion to list B a week later EXCLUDING those subscribers in List B who've already received an email from List A the week before (don't want to SPAM them, and end up losing the subscribers!).

Is there a clever way to do this in Campaign Monitor?

If not, is this a possible future development?


Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Hey Mark,

I'd highly recommend you combine List A and List B into a single list, and use segments to separate subscribers who are interested in Gadgets and Widgets. And it's possible that people would be interested in both, but with segments you'll be able to create the appropriate sub-lists to do exactly what your after.

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