Retrieving reports via the web

Hi All,

We are currently looking at integrating Campaign Monitor into our custom CRM developed in .NET.

I have seen that there are api's available to get and update details however I have two questions:

Firstly, is there an api that can return a list of campaigns & history for a subscriber (ie if I provide a subscribers email address I would like to get a list of campaigns and (read/click) details for each campaign they have been sent.

The second question, is it possible to have a link to access specific reports initiated via our crm (at a subscriber or campaign level) in order to display the nice browser reports, without having to separately login to the CM Console and finding the appropriate subscriber. The CRM is used by support staff therefore the link to the reports would most likely use a administrator type login to access any specific subscriber details/reports (note: the subscriber would also exist in the CRM).

Any help would be appreciated.


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