Taking a user straigt to the campaign report page.

I want to take our client staff directly to the a selected campaign report page from our CRM. The url of the campaign report page looks liks as follows.

Do you know what is that ID query string parameter is? It is NOT the CampaignID returned by Client.GetCampaigns() method.
Please help.
Thanks and regards

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hi Kushil,

The report URL isn't available via the API. What we do provide is the report data so you can use it externally. Please see the documentation for which campaign reporting data is available via the API.

And access to the report URL would require authentication with Campaign Monitor anyway, so I don't anticipate this URL being particularly useful for external applications which don't require the user to be authenticated with Campaign Monitor.

Kushil, 7 years ago

Thanks for your respose James!
Actually I can bypass the authentication phase if I redirect the user from an external application to a CM url as follows.

Kushil, 7 years ago

You need to give valid user name and password for above query string parameters.

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