Change link in confirmation emails

Hi all, I have CM account and have set up a number of client accounts under this account. When people subscribe to a client's mailing list, they get a confirmation email that has has a link to be clicked. That link is a link to my account domain - etc

This is bothering the subscribers, as they expect to see something like etc

Is there any way to modify this behavior? I was wondering if the $$link$$ code can be turned into a text link, such as

<a href="$$link$$">Click Here!</a>

... thus hiding my own domain.

Thanks for any tips.


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Ralph,

It's due to the fact that you are using a custom domain for your Campaign Monitor account. When you have a custom domain, all links created will point to the custom domain due to DNS reasons. If you don't have a custom domain on the account, then the link would show something like

There's no way to turn it into an HTML link for the Verification Email, as a plain text message is the only option. Sorry.

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ralph.m, 7 years ago

Thanks Davida. That makes sense. I'm now tempted to remove that custom domain. Is that easy enough, or fraught with danger now that it's in place?

EDIT: Ah, I see there is a button in the settings that simply allows it to be removed. Simple. Are there any other advantages to having it, though? It's a while since I set it up.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

The custom domain is purely for rebranding, so if you don't want that aspect you can remove it without concern. However, it would be best to also leave the DNS records in place so that older links, with the custom domain in them, will keep working.

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ralph.m, 7 years ago

Ah great, thanks Mathew. Good point. I'll do that then, as I don't really need the rebranding, but don't want older links to break. Thanks both of you for your replies. :-)

rebjr, 6 years ago

I'm not using a custom domain but my client's confirmation emails have my account name in them. How can I make it so it uses their client name?

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