I am new here and seek your help


I am new to Campaign Monitor and seek your help.

I have collected emails for 12 months but not used them until I found Campaign Monitor.

Due to the time delay in collecting emails up to 50% are unopened, how do I extract these into another list so as to have an active list of interested customers and a secondary list which can be easier monitored. The secondary list may find customers who open after a period of time or never open at all

I welcome any suggestions you may have. Once I have split the group I can send more emails to those interested and periodic emails/newsletters to the sleepers and occasional risers.

Thank you in advance


Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Hi Sandra,

You can easily do this using the segments feature of Campaign Monitor, but I should mention that 50% is a great open rate (here is some more info on open rates).

And one thing to remember is that just because someone didn't open your last email, it doesn't mean they won't open your next.

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