Monthly Billing with API

I have just had my white label site completely redone to suit the Monthly Billing only to find out that the API does not support the monthly billing function??

Guys and girls at CM please tell me this isnt so? and if it is when will this functionality be available as you have released this great function without the support for it?

I know a new API is coming out but when? this has completely roadblocked my site. hellppp

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Mec,

Oh no, I am sorry to hear that. We do have this planned for our next API release, which we are actively working on now, but it's not ready yet. It will probably be a couple of months out before you'll see this. :(

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davidh, 7 years ago

Just to be clear for anyone reading this, you can use all the existing API funtionality with a client that is set up to use monthly billing. What you are not able to do is use the API to set a client to monthly billing by changing the client's billing information. This can only be done through the application at the moment.

Once that is done using the API for list management, campaign sending etc will all work normally with a monthly billed client.

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