Using segments in autoresponders

Just a quick question which I couldn't find already in the forum or help topics...

Is it possible to use segments to to trigger autoresponders with different emails to go to different segments of subscribers within a list?

We're looking to try and send customised birthday offers to subscribers based on what they indicated they are interested in so if there was a clever way to do that it would be great :-)


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Right now it isn't possible to so autoresponders with segments specifically, but we'll record your suggestion as something to consider for the future.

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pilcrow, 7 years ago

Hello, just want to chime in and say it would be really helpful to have autoresponders for separate segments. This will probably be a deal breaker for my client.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, pilcrow. It's something we're certainly considering, but as yet we don't have a timeframe for it. I'll record your vote and keep you posted.

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colin911, 7 years ago

Yep, definitely too bad this is not possible.  Makes it complicated to have a bunch of different lists where all the info could be on one list and just filtered for the autoresponder. 

Great job on the auto responder though!  Loving it.

tGriffin tGriffin, 7 years ago

Here is another vote for segments to interact with autoresponders.
For instance I would like to setup a sequence based on recipients who click on a certain link in the next scheduled email.
Once a person clicks, their action is recorded and the autoresponder is then scheduled for that subscriber.
In fact, this desire is what got me to finally check out the Campaign Monitor Autoresponders. Was surprised that this is not possible.

Another note - at present segments can be created based on a scheduled campaign - links in it, whether opened or not....
This too would be extremely useful. An autoresponder could then be scheduled based on actual interaction with an upcoming campaign. A series of related email would then be expected by recipients based on the action they take. Powerful!!!

So, another dedicated user here dropping in to give a few thoughts that perhaps will be useful!


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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Thanks, Tim - we really appreciate your thoughts here. I've taken note of your suggestions and will keep you posted if I receive any updates.

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will365, 6 years ago

Another request for this feature. When I saw segments I assumed this was how they would work.  We want to have a system that sends different autoresponses (with links to different brochure pdfs) based on what products a subscriber is interested in. I think this may potentially be a deal breaker if I can't work out a solution with CM.

TangerineDistrict, 6 years ago

Yet another request for this feature.
Being able to send different autoresponders based on segments like in the campaigns.
Would really appreciate this feature being added.

digitalt, 6 years ago

+1 here too, auto responder based on segment eg: England, Scotland, Wales and NI - would be very helpful.

rodomo rodomo, 6 years ago

+1 for me too, this would make our lives soooo much easier

Dave Dave, 6 years ago

Thanks guys, we agree that adding an extra layer of segment smarts into autoresponders would make them loads more flexible. We've got some really highly requested (and some downright cool) new features that we want to get out first, but this is something we'd really like to support eventually.

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