CSS text control

Hi, my first forum post so please forgive any etiquette errors. A client has asked me to make some changes to the font styles of the text they have created in their newsletter. The text was created by the client via the web based editor and when I download the html document the text is not in the document. My question is, is the text controlled by my Cascading Style Sheet, or by one which your website generates in response to client input via the web editing facility? In other words, can I edit the style from my machine locally or does it need to be done via the web interface?

Thanks in advance

Regards Matt

doncollier, 7 years ago

I received a reply from support, thought it might be useful to post it here:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your email. The CSS is whatever is set in the HTML file that is imported. If nothing is specified is whatever your browser or email client would default to.

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