Subscribe Link?

I have created a 'Subscribe' button for my campaign, but can't seem to find a subscribe tag to wrap around it. I have <forwardtofriend> wrapped around a 'Forward to Friend' button/image so would like subscribe to act in the same way.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

If your subscribers are forwarding your emails to their friends, the best way for them to subscribe is to link your 'subscribe' button to a subscribe form on your site. We don't store the email addresses your campaign is forwarded to, so any type of 'subscribe' tag won't subscribe it automagically to your subscriber list.

Capiche, 6 years ago

Damn... ok, thanks.

Are you guys looking into put in a subscribe tag that will be joined to campaign manager in the near future? Because it gets a little complicated when you don't have access to the clients website and have to add a subscription page :-/

Anke Anke, 6 years ago

+1, i would very much like this tag to appear.
For instance in the form of a default simple campaignmonitorform on a white page, such as the standard confirmations. With an extra option to personalize the subscribelink to a page within the website.

A lot of the websites I work on do not have a separate page with a subscribeform, only one in the sidebar. And forwarding interested persons to a homepage with the hint 'oh, check out the sidebar' is a bit ..errh.. flaky.. ;)

For now I just add a new page especially for visitors who clicked the link in the newsletter, but still, a subscribelink would look very logical to me.


Webdesigner and front-ender at Two Kings, Den Haag, NL
ursulaminor, 6 years ago

+1, I too think this would be a great addition. I am having the same trouble as Capiche: no access to my client's website. The former designer won't give anyone access and the owners didn't keep a copy of the webhost and access information, so they are being held hostage.

BTW, I love CM. You have a great interface. Very intuitive. One of my clients is managing their own newsletter content and they picked up how to use it without any issues which means fewer emails to me! Thanks!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Thanks for your feedback and kind words, ursulaminor - I've added your vote internally for this feature and will keep you posted if we make any progress on it.

In the interim, perhaps you can create your own signup form via a form builder like Wufoo. These folks in particular integrate with us, so you can potentially publish a form there and link to it from your email.

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JaneMB, 6 years ago

Having a subscribe link/tag would be a HUGE improvement. Like the others posting above, I do not have access to my client's websites so linking to a form is not practical. This feature is available through other sites such as Constant Contact, which I have used before, but I switched to you guys because of the multi-client features.

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