Multiple tags inside a repeating region

I am getting an increasing number of new ecommerce clients which is great.

On designing templates for the editor I am running into a slight problem.

I cannot use multiple CM tags in repeating regions. This is needed for when a client wants to choose how many products to be showing.

I use this code below inside a table that is nested into one column of a 3 column table

<repeater toc='false'>
                    <td class="product">
                      <img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='images/product.gif'$>" width="156" height="156" alt="ProductImage" border="0" class="productimg" />
                      <p><$title link='false' default='PRODUCT NAME' $></p>
                      <p><$title link='false' default='PRICE' $></p>
                      <p><img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='images/buy-online.gif'$>" width="116" height="28" alt="ProductButton" border="0" class="button" /></p>

This essentially gives me 3 products wide and 3 repeating regions for the client to add as many products as they can.

My problem is that I want to use two images and two title tags in the repeater.

The 1st image is the product image.
The 1st title is the product name.
The 2nd title is the price.
The 2nd image is the buy now button.

When loading this up, the first product image, if changed, changes the button also. And the same with the product name, on changing this it also changes the price.

Any tips please people?

I am making do for the minute with creating multiple templates with no repeating regions, just a fixed 6 or 9 products, but would love to only have to have one template and the repeater to work.

anthodges anthodges, 7 years ago

Has no one got a solution to this?

rockamura, 7 years ago

I'm running into the same problem as well.

This is straight from their help section:
You can have an unlimited number of repeaters in your template, and each repeater can contain only one title, one image and one description.

anthodges anthodges, 7 years ago

Thats fine, but each repeater does have only one title, and one description, it just has 2 images... thoughts work a work around rather than coding a template with 6 products and a template with 9 products?

twhitman, 7 years ago

Wanted to weigh in on this as well in case anybody at CM is listening. This would be a really helpful feature. I had assumed I could have multiple $title elements within a repeater, and so tried to upload a new template for a client that had a repeating element with a somewhat complex arrangement of string elements that we wanted to be editable... only to now realize it wouldn't work.

Ideally, a repeater would allow us to define the structure of the contents -- how many editable bits of images/strings/blurbs, etc. there are -- and not enforce an arbitrary limit. Since we're forced to work in tables, being able to edit discrete bits of text separated across rows/columns is a must where any semi-complex amount of data is being presented. I understand if there can only be one $title for the purposes of a TOC, but how about $string or something generic for other editable bits?

phripley phripley, 7 years ago

I am having the same issue as anthodges and rockamura:

I have created a new template from scratch (my first with CM)

It starts with one title/image/description

This is followed by a repeater section that has one title/image/description.

I find that in the repeater section only the title can be edited, not the image or description.

When I remove the repeater markup the image and description can be edited as expected.  However this workaround does not suit my needs as I require the ability to use an arbitrary number of repeating items.

I am going to see if I can strip down my code and isolate this issue.

As a possible hint to anthodges, your code sample seems to indicate that you do indeed have more than one title inside your repeater and more than one image as well.

phripley phripley, 7 years ago

Looks like this was user error on my part!

I had been looking for the edit pencil next to the description in the repeating section, as that is the way it appears in the non-repeating section.

However there is only ever ONE edit pencil for each repeating item.  Clicking on that pencil allows one to edit the title, image and description.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago

Its a frequently requested feature that CM adds more flexibility within the repeaters. At present the default is one title/ one image/ one piece of copy. Apparently it is a feature that CM are looking into... although don't hold your breathe.

A work around that i have is that you merge the two images together, and use them as one... if your client is doing this point them towards some kind of online image editing, such as Splashup Light, and give them a basic instruction sheet.

Regarding multiple titles, what someone suggested on the forums was that if you style up the strong tag in such a way to look like a title when your client adds strong to the fake second title it would at least appear as it should. Although limitations would mean they could only use strong once... else the remaining body copy would look weird.


southessexcollege, 7 years ago

Weirdly having multiple titles and descriptions is how CM have provide their templates.

Take a look at this one

Obviously this doesn't work!

rootdown, 7 years ago

+1 on adding multiple images. This is a basic (and critical) feature that exists on virtually every other email list platform. Beyond supporting multiple images, the CM editor should also support configuring image properties (align left/right, margins, borders). With so much time spent on UX & ease of use, it boggles my mind these features were overlooked.

matt, 6 years ago

Is this still not sorted? The oldest post I've found mentioning this is 2 years old!
PLEASE fix! I cannot use CM for clients who want templates while in this severely crippled state.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 6 years ago

Worth RootDown and Matt looking here at my last post 

David Greiner mentioned they are working on this, I noticed it via Twitter.

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