Scheduled Campaign not sent to all selected recipients

I scheduled an email to be delivered to my client's customers on Wednesday (Oct 27th) at 10am. We have nearly 6000 recipients and only half received the email on Wednesday. (As I had scheduled it) The other half received the email on Friday. I have no idea why? I am hoping someone can get in touch with me to discuss what has gone wrong? This email was highly time sensitive as it was announcing a "one day only" store wide sale. Since half of the customers received this email it too late - I am faced with a very angry store owner and potentially faced with losing my client.
I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thanks

Carissa Carissa, 7 years ago

For the benefit of others, working with cdndesigner via support we found that in this case a large portion of the recipients on cdndesigner's list had email addresses from one ISP who was experiencing some problems and delayed delivering the campaign for 2 days, while all other recipients received the campaign on time.

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