Embed a personalized URL in an email template?

Hi all,

Relatively new CM user here... Quick question (I've searched and couldn't find a resolution for this)...

We're adding customers to our list via a dynamically generated landing pages. When we email those customers, we want to be able to send them back to that page via personalization. We're capturing the page link when the customer signs up, and it's a custom field in our list called LandingPage.

However, I can't seem to get the personalized fields to work within an <a href="[custom field here]">Link Here</a> context. I've created a template, and then tried to use a personalized field within the WYSIWYG editor (by creating a link, clicking source, and changing the

<a href="mylinkhere">Link Text</a>
<a href="[LandingPage,fallback=http://fallbacklinklocation]">Visit the Website</a>

... As well as doing the exact same thing with a brand new template.

In both instances, the link is not pulled from the customer record, it just says:


Any suggestions on how to get CM to recognize the personalized field data within the <a> tag?


- Dave

propelpoint propelpoint, 7 years ago

Okay, think I got it working... Looks like the trick is to just not wrap the contents of the href in "..." characters.

The following worked on a test email:

<a href=[LandingPage,fallback=http://default-link-location]>Landing page text</a>

Sorry to bug the boards with a dumb question. Hope it helps the next person ;)

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