Pay Monthly - Subscriber Count Query


On the pay monthly rates, how are the number of subscribers calculated?

If one email address is in two lists, is that counted once or twice?

If someone unsubscribes, does that still count against my subscriber count?

What about permanent non-deliveries (e.g. no such user here), are they removed from future sends and therefore taken off the subscriber count?

I can't see it matters much, but I've been asked and need to pass on accurate information!


Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

The calculation is on total *active* subscribers. So you won't be charged for anyone who is unsubscribed or hard bounced, but if the same address is on two lists, it is counted twice.

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enfueggo enfueggo, 5 years ago

I had this question and glad I found this thread via search.

But I have a request/question: why is the same email address counted twice (cost-wise) if on two lists? It really feels like only unique email address should count toward the subscriber total.

While I understand how to use segmentation to have one email on multiple 'lists', my clients aren't that savvy. One client uses a 'fishbowl' to gather business cards for a monthly drawing and if customers drop their card in every month, that customer is counted toward the total subscriber # each time, bumping my client to a higher pricing tier earlier then they ought to be (in my opinion).

Thanks for listening. Thoughts?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi enfueggo, it's great to hear from you. In regards to your question on monthly pricing being based on active, over unique subscribers, we made this decision to keep our pricing simple and easy to calculate for our customers. Having tiers defined like this makes it easy to see that importing < 500 subscribers will result in an account fitting into the $15 tier. Things become a lot more complex if you say, 'Well, you've got 4,235 subscribers, but I'll have to get you to calculate the uniques before we can tell you what a plan with us costs'.

Its also a bit of encouragement for customers to streamline their lists, or even look at better ways to use segments (although this may result in a little extra work). In the example that you mention, wouldn't it be possible to add these new subscribers to an existing list with an 'Entry date' custom field and let the app remove duplicates/update the entry date for you? Just a thought.

Thanks enfueggo - we really appreciate your feedback on this one!

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