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We've been a happy user of Campaign Monitor for a while now but am looking to see if there is any integration available with

We use Salesforce as our primary tool for sales and contact management and Campaign Monitor for sending out broadcast emails to our customers using a report extra from Salesforce however we are interested to see if anyone has done any integration with Salesforce and Campaign Monitor.


vitsoe, 9 years ago

Please please please build something for integrating with Salesforce.

I have tested other tools that integrate with Salesforce as I thought I was going to have to leave Campaign Monitor behind.

I now see that this is an issue for at least one other person.

Please please please will you look into this.

Many thanks

Daniel Nelson

calvinfab, 9 years ago

Hi, I have written SalesForce Integration with another application.  It is not that difficult.  What would be your requirements?  Thanks.

vitsoe, 9 years ago

Great news.
I was hoping that Campaign Monitor would have the ability to send from within Salesforce, but the main objective is to have one linked CRM for subscription information.

For example: a contact unsubscribes from my email newsletter, and this is reflected in the 'Email Opt Out' function in Salesforce against that contacts details.

It would be good to show the details of past campaigns on the contact, ie when a campaign is sent, opened, viewed (how many times) clicked links et al.

Other companies have developed this eg VerticalResponse but I found them to be useless in support.

Nothing beats Campaign Monitor.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

djantjies, 9 years ago

Hi All,

Same here, I am very much interested to know whether it is possible to integrate Campaign Monitor (CM) at the backend of Salesforce (SF).

I guess, what I would like to primarily acheive is to be able to manage my subscriber list from CM to SF or vice-versa.


billa, 9 years ago

I've got an architecture for a SubscriberIntegrator. It can become quite generic as it uses dependency injection for the subscriber gateways at runtime. I've created a Campaign Monitor Gateway does anyone else know much about the backend of SalesForce?
The other vendor (im calling the subscriber sources) that im looking into is the Basecamp/Highrise tools. Then I guess im going to want to create the Mailbuild Gateway after that.

Do you guys see this as a 3rd party tool or integrated into Campaign Monitor it'self?

robertok, 9 years ago

My integration request would be to HighRise - 37signals -- SalesForce is too complex for our needs.

jmenke, 9 years ago

Hi Calvinfab,
I'd love to talk with you more about SalesForce Integration. Will you email me at jasonm at Thanks,


calvinfab :

Hi, I have written SalesForce Integration with another application.  It is not that difficult.  What would be your requirements?  Thanks.

ketanmv, 8 years ago

Calvin -- I'd love to chat with about your integration work as well. Can you drop me a note? -- thanks!

circlesquare, 8 years ago


Any options to integrate sales force with mailbuild? Please drop me a line at richard at ?

Thanks in advance!

ketanmv, 8 years ago

Did anyone ever make any SF integration progress? I'd love to chat with you to see how you are handling this, and how the implementation looks and feels. Thank you! (ketan at ketanvakil dot com).

jmenke, 8 years ago

I never heard anything from Calvin...and I'm still very interested!

walden, 8 years ago

+1 looking for salesforce integration

sambryant, 8 years ago

I have a client who uses SalesForce and we need to integrate with it for database managment, as well (hopefully) for the results/analytics reporting. Has anyone had any luck with integrating CM and Salesforce? I'd be interested in chatting directly (

jbice, 8 years ago

I'm also interested in integrating with Sales Force, if anyone has done it please contact me at

nickfrench, 8 years ago

I also need SalesForce integration, or I'll be forced to switch to VerticalResponse or another SF-integrated campaign tool. If anyone has any information on integrating SF and CM, I'd greatly appreciate a ping: nickjfrench (at) gmail.


jeshbarlow jeshbarlow, 8 years ago

I have a client (a very large power user) who in the past and between Salesforce and a different marketing platform has spent lots of $$$ on integrations. Now they're coming coming to us for an integration between their favorite email newsletter platform ;) and Salesforce, *and* they're willing to pay good to have it done right.

Essentially what we need is a connection between one SF user account and any number of CM subscriber lists. There would need to be the option to choose which fields from SF to import into CM (since there's the max of 10 custom fields), which existing CM list or create a new CM list to use, and probably some kind of permissions policy sign off during the sync. As CM campaigns are sent, all report data, updates in recipient profiles (preference center), and other custom data should be sync'd back to SF for each recipient which would overwrite existing data and populate predefined SF custom fields for stuff like unsubscribe requests and individual campaign behavior.

We need someone experienced with both the Campaign Monitor and Salesforce APIs to combine the two through some portal. I'm not sure if the interface can exist directly in Campaign Monitor, but that would be our preference.

If you can help us, let me know!
jesh [at] tpmworldwide [dot] com

johndryan johndryan, 7 years ago

Has anyone made any progress with Campaign Monitor and Salesforce Integration?

I have a couple of clients who would be very interested in using Campaign Monitor, but they need Salesforce integration. We've ended up using their existing email service, and it is really dreadful.

Any advice or updates on this would be greatly appreciated.

jeshbarlow jeshbarlow, 7 years ago

I still have not heard of any progress on this front. Freshview's view is that they will leave certain aspects of their system open for 3rd party integration (the API). I understand, especially if there are very little requests for a the feature. However, there doesn't seem to be a single developer interested in this integration.

I've received, from time to time since posting here, messages from individuals who've read this post, are interested in any progress I can report, but have heard only bad news from me. Please write a note here in this thread if you are interested in a Campaign Monitor / integration!

AdmiralTech, 7 years ago

We are about to write an integration between SFDC and CM. If you have any input for the design or would like us too get in touch when we are done, please let us know.

I can be contacted at nigel.fisher{@}

Many Thanks

vince, 7 years ago

SugarCRM would also open many doors fro SME market

paulbies, 7 years ago

Add me to the list of users who have a need for integration between CM & Salesforce.
I can be contacted at pbies{@}

AdmiralTech, 7 years ago

Back again. We are hoping to start development early February 2010 and would like to gather peoples requirements so that we can cover as much as we can in the first release.

I would alos like to gather some feedback as to what people think is a realstic charge for the integration and how this might manefest itself in terms of billing. for example, subscription base, one off fee etc.

I look forward to hearing from you/

Many Thanks

Nigel Fisher

lookout, 7 years ago

Hey Nigel,
We'd be looking for the integration to sync the following between CM and SF:

-campaign history
-what links they clicked
-the info captured in CM's "history with subscriber"

As for pricing, I think we would prefer a one-time fee. Thanks for taking this on,


psstudios, 7 years ago

Add me to the list of users who have a need for integration between CM & Salesforce.
I can be contacted at msimpson{@}

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