How do I update a subscriber that is Unconfirmed (not Active)?

How do I update a subscriber that is Unconfirmed (not Active)?

Here's what I'm doing:

1) I add a subscriber to a "Confirmed opt-in list" using subscriberAddWithCustomFields()
2) I use subscriberAddWithCustomFields() to update that subscriber before they have opted in. (their state is Unconfirmed)

When I do this, I get a 208 error:  Email Address exists in unconfirmed list. Subscriber is not added.

This error is expected, based on the API documentation,

Note that if the subscriber is Active, subscriberAddWithCustomFields() does what I want.

So what is the right way to update a subscriber who is not Active?

I'm using campaignmonitor-php-1.4.9.

Thanks in advance,


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi Seth,

We contacted you by email, but for completeness we'll re-post part of the reply here:

At this stage i'm afraid there is no way for you to update the name or custom fields of any inactive subscriber through the API, without calling one of the Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe procedures, which will resend the confirmation email to any inactive subscriber (including unconfirmed ones).

We can understand that under some circumstances that's not ideal, but that some customers have come to expect and prefer the behaviour as it is. We will be looking into adding some sort of "UpdateInactiveDetails" option into the new version of the API, but can't promise that it will make it into the initial release. If anyone else is looking for similar behaviour, now would be a great time to speak up :)

TTIB, 6 years ago

I have a similiar issue.

I have changed from a status where the opt in is now immediate, instead of via confirmation email.
I go through and edit the subscriber status and it states:
You can modify the status of this subscriber by changing their 'Subscriber State' below.

Yet the subscriber state is uneditable.

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