Date subscribed custom field not working

I have imported our subscriber list of 2500+ subscribers and, as suggested on this forum, created a custom field called Date Subscribed so that I could import the original date subscribed from our previous email marketing software company. I imported our subscriber list, matched the custom field Date Subscribed with the corresponding column, and assumed everything worked.

When looking into a certain subscriber's details this morning, I noticed there was no data in the Date Subscribed field. Looking into a few random others, this is also the case. I'm assuming that no subscribed dates have transferred over from my csv file.

I uploaded the same csv file and went through the same process, hoping I had made an error when first importing the file and that it would now update this field. It said it updated data, but there is no still data in any Date Subscribed fields.

Does anyone know of how to rectify this problem?

BottegaSA, 7 years ago

I've also just noticed from looking at a quick selection of subscribers that the phone numbers also appear to have not transferred over.

Could this have something to do with the Data Type for the custom field? I selected Number as the Data Type for my custom fields 'Phone' and 'Date Subscribed'. Most of the phone numbers have (**) brackets for area codes, and all of the dates subscribed are written as 09/11/10 using a slash. Is the Campaign Monitor software rejecting this data due to it having non numerical elements?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Could you please contact us via support(at)campaignmonitor(dot)com and attach the file you are importing, as well as details on the list you are importing into? We can take a look for you.

We would definitely suggest using a 'date' field for your dates, and a text field for phone numbers if you are including non-numeric data though.

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