Segments from a subscribe form

I have a form that contains 19 options for the user to select to sign up to email alerts. So one user may opt to take all 19 options or just a couple. Is it possible for this data to be captured and passed into a segmented website signup list I have created.

If so how do I identify each option so it ties in with the segments created in the list?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hey, yes it's absolutely possible to do this by []creating segments based on a custom field[/url]. There will be some setup involved, as you'll need to create a custom field of the type "multiple options, can select many" on your list with all the possible options added. To capture and pass this information from the form, you'll likely need to use our sign up form code that is generated in our application, since you are passing in custom data, or you can use our api to hook up your existing form to pass that information.

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twobelowzero, 7 years ago

Thanks - off to try it out. Much appreciated.

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