Campaign delivery delays - how often?

My company utilizes this service to deliver newsletters to our clients and a timely delivery of the campaign is not critical. We are also exploring using campaign monitor to deliver technical alerts, and an immediate delivery is very critical to keep our clients in the loop. I see that there was a delivery delay about a month ago, I was curious what the track record of Campaign Monitor has been over the last year in regards to delivery delays and technical issues in general? This will help us decide whether to manage our technical alerts via Campaign monitor or just stick to non critical newsletters. Thanks for your responses.

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

After the delivery delays a month ago we increased the number of sending servers in our cluster, and we haven't had that same issue again. I should also point out that the delays on affected some campaigns.

Timely delivery of campaigns is something that we feel is very important, and thus focus a lot of developer energy on. Even though there are no delivery delays at the moment, we are currently working on some further improvements to avoid introducing these delays in the future.

AustinTX, 9 years ago

Thanks for the response Ben.

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