Images not Importing

I'm importing my 3rd campaign. The first two worked beautifully.  This third one is not importing the images.  I've used one of Campaign Monitor's templates for each campaign and modified them a bit.  I've uploaded the page to our web server and having CM's system import from there.  The images are not importing.  There are 9 total images and it says that 0 have imported successfully. 

I tried importing the second campaign web page (which worked great last week) into this campaign.  Those images too are not importing.  So it leads me to believe that there is nothing wrong with the images I have in my new campaign, and that it may be something happening on CM's end. 

Is anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for any help
Tobin Rogers

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We're not seeing any other reports of problems Tobin, so the best course is to contact support directly and provide the URLs so we can check them out for you.

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redcat, 9 years ago

Hi Tobin

I've had this problem as well.  I can't remember the pattern but check to see whether the paths to your images are absolute or relative.  If they are:




or wherever they are.


Andy Jacobs

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