The best billing arrangement for many tiny campaigns?

Hi guys,

One of our clients (who uses client account within our CM account) has asked us to build a simple interface for the CM API that will allow their staff to send Christmas 'ecards' to customers on their subscriber list. The user will select the recipient from a list of approved subscribers, pick a template, personalise the card with a message and an image, then send it.

This is essentially going to send out a series of campaigns consisting of 1 subscriber. As I'm not au fait with the recent updates to the payment options, I'm wondering how to best set the billing up for them? I want them to pay themselves, but will the 'Pay monthly to send unlimited campaigns' be best? On the subscription band to match their subscriber lists total? Pay per campaign will be no good, as it'll be £3.00 per email.

In the old days, CM used to do free test campaigns up to 5 recipients (for a limited total amount) but I've not yet been able to trigger that limit to find out how CM will behave when the client has to begin paying.

Any advice gratefully received


modernactivity, 6 years ago

and what is the total free campaigns that can be sent in a month or day?

best, Dan.

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

The API documentation here states:

Free sending limitation: When sending campaigns to 5 or less recipients (which are free of charge), you can send to a maximum of 50 unique email addresses per day.

Remember, this is designed for testing purposes only, Campaign Monitor isn't really designed for single recipient emails or transactional emails, you may want to look into other options for these.

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modernactivity, 6 years ago

thanks for getting back David.

Does the same limit of 50pd apply if you pay monthly for unlimited email campaigns?

best, Dan.

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