Safe Sender's List

Hi there,

At the top of my email I have

"To ensure you continue to receive information properly please add <senders e-mail address> to your address book or safe senders list."

Does anyone know if it is possible to have a link in this text to directly help the user fix this problem? In other words, can I have a link for them to click to automatically add me as a safe sender so the user does not have to go through the steps to do this themselves?

Any help would be awesome, thanks!

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hey Megatron,

How are the Decepticons going? Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a link automatically handle that. This is partly because different email programs have different ways of adding people to their lists, and also that links in email can normally only go to web addresses, not into the email client itself.

You might consider putting a page up on your client's website, explaining how to add the newsletter to the safe senders list. The information is available online for most email clients - Outlook 2003 for example.

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Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Megatron, here are a few more examples for you to check out:

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