Three from address options from a single list/campaign

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is possible but three of our account manager wish to send the same email to their customers from themselves. So essentially it will be the same email, same content but one of three 'from' addresses.

I wondered if this would be possible by assigning which account manager each customer belongs to in a custom filed in the data list and setting it up so it retrieves that as the relevant 'from' address for the campaign?

I understand we can do this easily enough with three separate data lists, one for each account manager, but it would make life alot easier for our database guy if we could just use the one list.

Any information whether or not this is possible would be much appreciated.


Diana Diana, 7 years ago


It's not possible to send a separate campaign with multiple from addresses I'm afraid, you are limited to only 1. So you would need to send multiple campaigns, 1 per account manager.

You could, however, certainly have just 1 list and have an account manage field. Then use segments to separate it out into multiple "lists" to contact for each account manage.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jodygibbons, 7 years ago

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your reply. This sounds like the sort of thing we are after, which is great. I will look into using segments in more depth.

Thanks again,

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