URL Re-directs not working.. any ideas??

We've been using CM for a couple of years and has always worked perfectly. We had a break for a few months and have now just tried to run a new campaign, but none of the links within the email work.. they all just go to blank pages.

The email was imported fine and the links have been added, but when you click on a links the re-direct goes not just to the original url defined in the original html, but the original plus a load of content related to the email..

For example:

Original: http://<domain>/news

When importing the template, the original links should be stored in the CM DB and then the actual links used within the email point to the CM system which then uses them for the tracking and then should redirected back to the original URL, but instead its sending to somthing like this:

Final Destination URL: http://<domain>/news??utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=<newsletter_subject>+Newsletter&utm_content=<newsletter_subject>+Newsletter+CID_9ef14f34fd78982a2b9954ddf089340c&utm_source=OCCM&utm_term=more+info

'<newsletter_subject>' in the above is what i have replaced for what the subject of the email was. which appears in the URL.

I was wondering if it was some issue with google analytics!?

Anyone.. help!?

Thank you in advance.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Chris,

It looks like we already replied to you via support as well. For anyone else reading this, the extra information being added is due to the Google Analytics integration being turned on. It looks like the end website isn't able to handle the query strings that are part of the GA tagging so it's breaking the links. Turning off the GA tagging for future campaigns OR modifying the website to allow for query strings (and the GA code in general) would fix the problem.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
chrispoc, 7 years ago

Hi Diana,

Many thanks for the responce. We didn't actualy received any email from you, however I have just seen you post here so thats good. We have turned off the GA integration and it's working fine now. I need to have a chat with one of our dev team tomorrow to see if they understand it, but if your able to provide any additional info as to why a site should normally or might not be able to handle these query string/URLs etc I think it would be useful to know.

Many thanks


Diana Diana, 7 years ago


Well that's weird, you might want to check your spam filters just in case it got stuck there. Good thing we replied here too!

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
enfueggo enfueggo, 1 year ago

Found this old thread while searching for the same issue and figured I'd share what happened in my case.

Our site runs on Wordpress and uses the iTheme Security plugin, which had the System Tweaks > Filter Long URL Strings feature enabled. Turning it off got our Google Analytics tagged links working correctly.

Makes sense but wasn't until writing a support request that it popped in my head the issue could be security related. Maybe it's your issue, too. Good luck!

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