Upcoming or planned features

Hi guys.

I have a little gripe about the way CM goes about developing and growing the feature set(s) released.

Before I begin this post, I completely understand that its stupid in a competitive market to go unveiling what you're working on for future releases, only to be undercut in terms of release dates by other companies. On the flip side, as a CM user and reseller, I feel like some of the killer features both myself and other users really want, fall on deaf ears.

Nested repeaters are one such feature which were raised in a thread which began 2 years ago (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1604) but nothing has been done about it since then. This is one feature my clients have been asking for continually over the last 12 months.

I think it would be a proactive and positive customer focused move from CM to allow us to contribute towards making CM an even better product. What better way to give the people what they want without much effort on CMs part? One such example I can think of is Interspire's 'Idea Lab' (http://ideas.interspire.com/forums/3499-general) which is powered by User Voice. There are dozens of feature requests from users, however, most importantly, we can see what they've decided to work on in upcoming releases and what has been completed in a release.

I'd like to hear what other CM users and CM staff think and would appreciate opinions and feedback.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 6 years ago

Hi Ara,

This was my post quite recently on the same subject



Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey, thanks for the feedback. We do understand it is frustrating not to know if something is coming or not that you really want. However, I'm afraid we don't announce far in advance new features.

We don't ourselves have definite plans very far in advance, and if something we are working on just doesn't meet our own requirements for usability or performance, or becomes less important in the light of new information, we won't release it.

We'd much prefer people judged Campaign Monitor as it is right now against their needs right now, and decide if it works for them. We understand that we will lose some potential custom because of that, even when people are looking for  features which we do eventually release.

The alternative situation, of people signing up because of a promised future update and then not getting it is worse for the customer and worse for us.

As you browse the forums you will see some cases where we have confirmed an upcoming feature, but only at the point we know for certain it is coming. Even that level of announcement has caused problems for customers though, when we've taken longer than expected to release them.

One thing we will work on is "what has been completed in a release", and notifying rebranding customers of what has changed is important and an area we can improve on.

Your feature requests most definitely do not fall on deaf ears. We read everything, and we record suggestions constantly. That doesn't mean we will definitely implement them, or that we won't. It certainly isn't wasted time to ask, because your requests do make up part of our decision process.

In to that mix goes a whole lot of other factors, internal and external, and we decide what to work on from there.

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