How accurate are the stats ?

Hi guys

Firstly, great product, been using it for over two years now.

Very recently I ran a little newsletter campaign for a friend’s town house complex. And there was something interesting that I noticed.

I suppose it can all be boiled down to some more clarification concerning bounced emails.....

But basically what I noticed was that there was, according to CM’s stats, 11 bounced emails – 7 soft and 4 hard bounces. Here is the strange part.... one of the soft bounces replied to the email directly... so, she actually did receive it ! The other ten emails (including the ‘hard bounces’)  were forwarded on via MS Outlook and only two bounced back.

So, my question is this; how accurate are the stats or is this simply a case of me misunderstanding CM’s definition of a bounced email ?

Please let me know. Thanks again guys for a great product.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Mr_Boy, welcome to the forums! You might want to take a look at this help topic on soft bounces. As auto-replies (eg. 'I'm out of the office until...') can sometimes get counted as soft bounces, there's a chance that your messages did get delivered, but were counted as soft bounces anyway.

Likewise, something out of our control may have occurred on the recipients' mail servers, thus triggering a soft bounce.

Hopefully this helps - if you think that there may be more to it, please get in contact with our support team and we'll look into this particular send for you.

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Mr_Boy, 6 years ago

Thanks for the info and the clarification. It still doesn't really clarify the Hard Bounces... but as you say, could have been a temp problem with their servers.

It's not a train smash. Just something that got me scratching my head :)

Thank you again.

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