"added" versus "unique" emails when sending campaigns?

We are about to send out a campaign to all 6 of the clients subscriber lists and we see "7,978 added, 2,534 unique". When we schedule to send, it only shows the campaign will get sent to the 2,534.. why?

What is the difference between this 7,978 (total number of subscribers across all 6 lists) and the 2,534 and why is it not going to all 7,978?

That is a huge discrepancy and so I am not understanding where the 2 numbers come from?

SlowYourRoll SlowYourRoll, 7 years ago

okay, I think I got it.....

each of the 6 lists is never checked against the others at time of import. So, when you import, it will go ahead and import duplicates and previously suppressed and edited out emails that are in another list.

BUT, at the time you go to send (if you check all 6 lists to be sent the email) is when the system actually compares all 6 lists and does the editing out of duplicates, dead emails, bounced emails, and unsubscribed emails as found in the other lists and gives you your final "unique" number of emails that will get the campaign.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Yes, you're correct here. When sending to multiple lists, we compare them for duplicates so multiple emails aren't sent to individual recipients. If an email address is on your account's suppression list, we screen them out upon import. Feel free to give us a buzz if you have any more questions about this process :)

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