Old templates


About a month ago Campaign Monitor added a huge amount of incredible templates to their template repository and they are just great. Problem is I need some of the old templates and they seem to have disappeared.
Can anyone tell me whether they are still available somewhere.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Joris,

You can find the old template files here.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jorisput, 7 years ago

Thanks Diana.

closercreative, 7 years ago

Hi, thanks for the link to the old tempates...I'm trying to download them too, but the download keeps ending prematurely around 1Mb?

If anyone at Campaign Monitor is listening in, can you have a look into that for me to see what's wrong with the zip file?

many thanks!

Weezil, 7 years ago

Me too - download is terminating part way through - could someone look at this please as I actually find these templates far better for B2B than the new ones - the new ones don't look great at all in Outlook!

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey guys,

We'll check it out. When I test the file from inside and outside our office it is downloading fine, which makes it hard to diagnose. It may be the specific CDN servers you are hitting have a corrupted version somehow, we'll try recreating it.

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