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I have been using CM for a number of years and it's a great product so keep up the good work. I do however have one gripe and would like to suggest a change to reports and hope some other people may have the same issue and agree so here is what the issue is and hopefully an alternative.

I send, like many, send on behalf of clients but the biggest issue is that they look at the reports and particularly "not opened"  and think the campaign is a failure because of the low open rates. Now I know, because that's my job to know, that the open rates are really meaningless but the clients don't (not always tech savy) and considering that's the first thing they see when the look at the reports, I have to explain that the campaign was not a failure and the other metrics are more important. What I would like to suggest is that you display the delivery rate as a key indicator which would be the total sent less the bounce rate as this is what is more important to many clients (after all that is what they paying for), then open rates as a secondary indicator and possibly a play of words for opened/not opened, for example, confirmed opened/unconfirmed open (may breach some legal requirements but maybe these could be customisable?). The other indicator I would like to see is a success indicator which could be a score out of 10 based on a combination of  the other indicators to give something meaningful.  Does this make sense?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

H waynes, thanks for the great suggestions there. We definitely want our reports to be as meaningful as possible to you and your clients, however we too need to abide by the usual industry conventions, amongst which displaying open rates is one. That said, we'll certainly take these ideas into consideration.

As an email marketing professional myself, I've had similar experiences with trying to justify campaign results to clients. The best strategy I've found is to look at campaign results in terms of the bigger picture, ie. what the email is really meant to achieve. For example:

- If you've setup Google Analytics (or similar) on your landing pages, establish measurable goals such as 'no. of conversions/sales generated per email send' and use the results to calculate ROI. Clients love ROI. Take a look at this post to see how this works.
- Look at longer-term trends, eg. are your opens/clicks increasing/decreasing/steady over time? Are your campaigns driving more traffic each send? Are customers purchasing more, or more often?

Finally, you might want to take a look at this article on understanding open rates. There's a lot of reassuring material in here which may help you communicate the meaning of email metrics to your clients.

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