Very very very VERY simple email option

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a VERY simple method to allow for computer illiterate people to set up emailers and be able to send them on to others.

Basically, our client is a franchise chain of about 44 and mostly consisting of stay at home mom's. They would all like to keep in contact with one another via an email campaign of sorts but this needs to be super simple for them.

Here's what we know about them:

1. The would like to add photos but know nothing about image cropping/resizing or manipulation.
2. They would need it in the form of an .oft template so that they can just copy and paste.

These are the biggest hurdles. My suggestion to them would be this:

1. Set up an .oft template which they can open from Outlook and start editing.
2. Find an online tool where they can upload their images and it spits out the correct sizes for them

Does anyone have another idea of something similar please? As far as I am aware, only Outlook 2003 runs .oft templates still?

Many thanks!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi sixfootstudio, are all 44 moms planning to send email campaigns to each other? Given the requirements here, I can imagine this could get quite messy. Although I do not understand enough about the situation, could I potentially suggest an online forum that sends email notifications instead? Many of these come with the ability to upload and resize media, whereas working in Outlook probably isn't the most ideal workflow for this group. Just my 2c.

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sixfootstudio, 7 years ago

Hi Roshodgekiss

Thanks for getting back to me and I would really appreciate it if you can send me the link to this online forum.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Well, there's quite a few to choose from. We use PunBB for this forum, however if you're looking for something with a few more features and doesn't require much setup, check out  Yuku, ZetaBoards or ProBoards.

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sixfootstudio, 7 years ago

Hi Rosanne,

I see what you intended with forum but unfortunately it's not going to work :-/

Basically, each mom runs a pre-school where they teach children motor skills etc...a franchise of sorts.
What they would like to do is send out a simple emailer to all the moms to let them know how their children are doing, what to expect in the coming months etc.

I set up an MS Outlook .oft template just the other day for another client which worked wonderfully and all that is required is that a person double clicks on it, the template opens in your Outlook wit header and footer images in place and all the mom will do is add her copy and images.

It's this very latter point which is the issue. Most of these moms are not too tech savvy, so when they upload an image, they will not know how to change the size or compress it.

So I am just wondering if there is anything out there that will simplify this process to make super super super easy for someone?

Thanks again!

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