Existing subscribers who subscribe again - no flag is provided to them

Not sure if this is deliberate or a flaw in the otherwise excellent CM system!
When an existing subscriber signs up there is no alert telling them they're already on the list.
I know because I just tested it on my own list.
A key issue here is if you're giving something away like a free tips sheet or a voucher, the subsciption confirmaton message will say something like "Your free tips are on the way - please check your inbox".  They check their inbox and of course nothing arrives.
OK, you could say they should know they're subscribed and not do so again! But not everyone remembers what they're subscribed to.
Is this an omission in the CM system which can be rectified, or have I missed something? :-)

outwardfocus, 6 years ago

I'm a new user on Campaign Monitor, and I have the exact same question/concern. Is there not a way for a subscriber to be redirected to a generic "your email address is already subscribed" page?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi outwardfocus, welcome to the forums! I'm really sorry for not replying to this one earlier. At present, there isn't a way to get redirected to an 'already subscribed' page, unless you do something fancy with our API. However, I'll certainly add both your votes for us to update the app, to make a message like this a simple thing to pull off. Thank you for the great suggest!

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