How do I update a multi-options (select many) field using PHP wrapper?

I created a custom multi-option (select many) field called 'Subscribedto' where the user can select which newsletter he wants to receive: 'News & Updates' and/or 'News from Partners'. Now I would like to update this field using the PHP API wrapper but can't figure out how to do this.

From my database:
'News & Updates' can be either 0 or 1
'News from Partners' can be either 0 or 1

The following does not work:
$extras = array('Subscribedto'=>array("News & Updates"=>0,"News from Partners"=>1));

$cm_res = $cm->subscriberAddWithCustomFields($email,$name, $extras);

jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

In your post you appear to be attempting to populate a multi-option-select-many field with the personalization tag "Subscribedto". If so, and assuming that you have the options "News & Updates" and "News from Partners" defined for that field, you probably just want to populate $extras like so:

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array("News & Updates", "News from Partners"));

Also, please note that there is a comment above the subscriberAddWithCustomFields code, which clearly explains how multi-option fields should be populated:

* @param mixed $fields Should be a $key => $value mapping. If there are more than one items for $key, let
*        $value be a list of scalar values. Example: array( 'Interests' => array( 'xbox', 'wii' ) )
bc173, 7 years ago

Thx James, but I'm still confused, with the code you suggest:

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array("News & Updates", "News from Partners"));

I can't enabled/disable (or set true/false or on/off) to "News & Updates" and "News from Partners".

bc173, 7 years ago

Or in other words, when I want to uncheck all options, do I use the following?

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array('',''));
bc173, 6 years ago

Ok, I figured it out myself after testing (thanks for the non-help CampaignMonitor).

Apparently to check an option, it is as simple as adding it to the array. Unchecking an option means leaving it out of the array.

Both options checked:

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array("News & Updates", "News from Partners"));

Only the first option checked, the other ones are automatically unchecked:

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array("News & Updates"));

The weird thing is, unchecking all options can only be achieved by placing rubbish in the array. I decided to use 'NULL' but it works with any value that is not matched with one of the options. Leaving the array empty: array() or adding an empty value to the array array('') would be more straight forward but doesn't do anything.

To uncheck all options:

$extras = array('Subscribedto' => array('NULL'));

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