Table Width and Borders in outlook 2007

Im designing a newsletter at work for a client and have been having trouble with table width in outlook 2007.

Right i have had to blur most of it out as the email is confidential etc but ill try and talk you through what is wrong, the top half is an image and the bottom half is a table with a border.

First lets talks about dimensions. From outer-egde to outer-edge of the green bars on the image is 604px and the table is 590 with a 7px border on the left and right side. Now in gmail/yahoo/hotmail this is perfectly aligned but in outlook 2007 it appearing as in the image, when zooming in on the image i notice that the table width and borders are the wrong width (borders are showing as 8px). I thought this was to do with border-collapse but that doesn't seem to change anything.

Pulling my hair out, any solutions guys?

BThies BThies, 7 years ago

I'd recommend using a <td> to create the left and right borders:

<td width="7" bgcolor="#000000"></td>

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