Serious $$$ Analytics: Equating a specifc email address to dollars?

I have a team that uses CM religiously, we work with a bunch of clients and our efforts are dedicated to conversion ($) and Segmentation based on behavior, among design, deliverability etc etc.  However our main goal is increasing transaction dollars.  I dream of a world where I could tell my client, "this group of people spent this many dollars and this group spent this etc etc." And thus make better decisions in marketing and segmenting these groups.  I do not have access to their e-commerce platform nor do I want to.  Between CM and Google Analytics (with E-commerce turned on) I feel as though this level of tracking and thus reporting should be possible.  Is there a third party app that can take your CM api code, the GA api account code and pull some awesome numbers and data?  If not out there, is it possible to achieve this level of detail at all?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi lhbenedict, welcome to the forums! Have you tried setting goals in Google Analytics? It is possible to set a monetary amount to a conversion (eg. '$50 per event signup') and view the results from within GA.

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lhbenedict, 6 years ago

I read the article and appreciate the effort, however ultimately all I want to see in a report is " spent $45.75 during campaign July 2010"  Literally, similar as to drilling down on a specific email address for click thrus, simply a dollars spent figure would be amazing.  I know that would involve placing code on the clients site (no problem there) .  It would finally complete the entire view of the total campaign from an e-commerce perspective. Is this a totally insane thing to desire??? Is it simply not technically possible??? Should i raise VC money and try to figure it out myself??? :)  The GA proposed method above seems to track appropriately but in the end wouldn't allow me to trace the "event" back to a specific email address....would it?  Thanks for all help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

You're right - Google Analytics doesn't link its metrics to personally-indentifiable information (eg. an email address) due to privacy concerns.

Although I'm no expert in this field, this sounds like this would be fairly standard reporting task for any of the major eCommerce or CRM titles. By all means it could be possible via a third-party app, however I don't see it being something we would actively develop within Campaign Monitor, partially due to the technical difficulties that would come with pulling data from the countless eCommerce platforms out there.

In the interim, I'd say that you should politely ask your clients for customer sales reports the weeks following up an email campaign. If you can match email subscribers to resulting sales, then it should be fairly straightforward to calculate ROI.

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macinhack, 5 years ago

This can be done by using a 3rd party adserving/tracking platform. We accomplish this by placing impression and click tags in the emails (as well as all the advertising we do for a client ie. paid search, lading pages, banner ads etc.) and place corresponding beacons (that capture field data) on the conversion web page ie. shopping cart. This not only associates conversions with an email address, we know the entire conversion path of the customer. Simply put, we know every piece of advertising that "influenced" the conversion not just the last click... we also know the products purchased.

Unlike GA, our system tracks users regardless of the domain, subdomain, or # of secure webpages they navigate though. This gives us the "big picture" not just a snapshot as to how 1 piece of advertising or medium "performed".

This "cookie asset" enables us to swap out messaging based on the persons previous activity etc... but thats a whole different conversation.  8-)

<insert disclaimer> I'm doing this 100% within the IAB guidelines.  <end disclaimer>

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi macinhack, are you using Adzerk, or similar? Always curious to see how our customers are measuring their campaigns. :)

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