Link Coloring

I have a sort of specific problem, hopefully it will have an easy answer. I have a client who needs a call-to-action buttons (large, blue buttons with white text) at the bottom of an email template. The catch: the buttons must be interchangeable for different campaigns. My initial thought was to do images (there aren't that many variations) that can be changed in the CM editor, and link=true to update the URL. The problem with that is CM won't allow you to change the alt attribute in the editor, so when the email degrades to text-only, it won't have the correct text.

Instead, I made the button using a table and image caps (it has some rounded corners) and a background color in the middle. Now the text is dynamic (using the 'title' type) and can be made to link using link=true. The problem here is that I am specifying the link color in the body tag using <body link='#XXXXXX'> That link color is the same color blue as the button background (because all of the other in-line text links in the message, some also dynamically added by CM, need to be that color). Because I am adding the link dynamically in CM, I can't give it an inline style to override the body link color.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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