Create a campaign from template

Is there no way to create a campaign from a template, using the API? It appears that it only supports providing a URL to the full html/text content. Am I missing something?

What I really want to do is have my system use the API to setup a campaign from a template, populate a few of the template areas, save as a draft, then my client can make any final adjustments using the online editor before approving and sending.

If creating from a template is not supported, can I at least provide template tags in the html URL provided, so that my client can still use the CM online editor to make adjustments before sending? I want my software to initiate the campaign, but my client has to be able to tweak before it goes out.


jszobody, 6 years ago

nothing? no one?

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

This is something i've asked for a lot of times, but to no avail as yet. (Should of been in API V3!)

Should be so simple to do as well, then we could use the API to build apps that set pre-created campaigns set up for us... Default tiitle, subject etc etc, pass a template ID along with it and then the client only has to login and change the text...

No doubt they'll just 'add your vote' to their request list...

Jonathon Joyce
Phil Phil, 6 years ago


I can promise you that the new features we introduced in V3 (segment management, bulk imports, paging, etc) were very definitely implemented in response to customer demand, so we are listening. At this stage we haven't had an enormous number of requests for campaign creation from a template, and we're unsure what level of control you're all looking for, given the wide variety of possible template configurations and needs.

Perhaps as a starting point you could give us a more specific example of the kind of API call you're looking to make. That would be very useful information to add to the request task, along with your votes that i'll definitely be adding right now ;)

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Well we would already have uploaded the templates etc using the template IT, so i would imagine the xml call would be something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Name>My Campaign Name</Name>
    <Subject>My Subject</Subject>
    <FromName>My Name</FromName>

So it replicates the visual create campaign, where you choose either to import HTML or choose an exisiting template?

Jonathon Joyce
chrisramakers, 6 years ago

I'll have to second this request. We want to integrate Campaign Monitor in our CMS.
The way we are looking to integrate is that our users select some items in our cms (news, blog, articles, whitepapers, downloads, ...) and let them define where to place it (repeater area's) in a predefined template in CM. Thus allowing them to easily select some items from their site and put them in a template that we've built in CM so they can send good looking campaigns from our CMS based on a template in CM without copy pasting alot of data from their site to the Campaign Monitor website.

The same thing can be accomplished by building the whole HTML ourselves but that would kind of beat the purpose of the super flexible template system present in CM and it would involve alot of work on our site to completely build the campaign from the ground up while plugging into the template system over the API would be the best of 2 worlds combined!

That would roughly illustrate the road we would take when working with templates over the api.

jszobody, 6 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the response, and I'm glad you're listening. Creating a campaign from a template, and passing in chunks of html for pre-defined template regions is absolute minimum. I would expect to be able to pass in a template ID, and then separate variables for any template regions.

If you'd like a specific example of what we'd like to see, see here: =)


If you chose a template instead of pasting in your HTML content, then use "html_" followed by the template sections as keys - for example, use a key of "html_MAIN" to fill in the "MAIN" section of a template. Supported template sections include: "html_HEADER", "html_MAIN", "html_SIDECOLUMN", and "html_FOOTER"

bc173, 6 years ago

+1 for creating a draft using a template.

jszobody, 6 years ago

So is this something that we can expect anytime soon? I have money that is being left on the table because my software can't facilitate setting up email campaigns that my clients can then edit and send out. I understand you can't give exact dates, but it would be great to know if we can expect to have this kind of integration available within the next few months.


jszobody, 6 years ago


scottharvey, 6 years ago

Can anyone confirm if this has been added into the API yet?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hi Scott,

No, this has not been added to the API - the docs at are kept up to date, so anything that is possible is listed there.

Thanks for your vote though. We're not currently planning to add this, but as Phil mentioned we're happy to hear more specific requests about how people would use it.

It's actually quite a complex area, though it may not seem so from the outside, so we'd have to be really clear on the benefits. Thanks for your help.

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rob_mccann, 6 years ago

I'd like to +1 this.

$result = $wrap->create('Campaigns Client ID', array(

/* ... all the other properties ...*/
'title'=>'My newsletter',
'description'=>Our big announcement

$result = $wrap->create('Campaigns Client ID', array(
/* ... all the other properties ...*/
'title'=>'first announcement',
'description'=>Our big announcement),array(
'title'=>'second announcement',
'description'=>Our other announcement)

I just need the first one really for a quick email announcement from a pre-existing template.

sgordonson, 6 years ago

I vote for this one too.

Its very dissapointing that this feature isn't available via API. I have to replicate the template administration and merging functionality in our proprietary app. Having to duplicate existing functionality is such a waste of time.

This is really an important feature.

jszobody, 6 years ago

10 months later, and CM's respons is "we added your vote to the feature quest." Just bizarre.

digerata, 5 years ago

As for use cases, we are providing a service to people who do fundraising.  There is one style of email that goes out, regardless of client.  There are only a few pieces that are customized:

- Photo / Banner
- Message
- Link with call to action

For us, I hesitate to do the work for integration when the most important part can't be integrated...

ronnyandre, 5 years ago

I would really appreciate this as well. I've created an advent calendar quiz for a client of mine, and we're sending out three templates to ~1000 contestants each day. One for the winners, one for those who not won and picked the right answer, and one for those who not won and picked the wrong answer. Those who chose the wrong answer are sent a template with custom field with the correct answer. Too bad I can't do this with the API right now, preventing me making an automated campaign each day :(

redpaint, 5 years ago


Another +1 from us.

We would want to integrate this functionality within our CMS.  We have a number of clients that are unwilling/unable to commit to email marketing due to time or budget constraints.  However, they already populate the vast majority of this information within the news section of their websites.

We would want them to be able to select the news articles from the CMS and click Send to Email Template.  This would then send off the title, summary, and web url of each news article to the Campaign Monitor tempalte within the repeater blocks.  Then, it is just a case of previewing the campaign within Campaign Monitor, make any final adjustments and then send.

We would expect to be able to:
1. Upsell + increase usage of our current clients that use CM
2. Acquire new customers through providing an easy to use service to populate a template.

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we're definitely listening and your votes have been added to the list.

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

Hey all,

Sorry it's been a long time coming, but we're happy to announce that we've implemented the ability to create a campaign from a template in the Campaign Monitor API.

Please be sure to check out the API docs for full details. Hope that helps.

Also, you can subscribe to our API Announcements forum for regular API updates.

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