White-label and rebrandable question

After order / purchase of monthly campaign I receive.

email from: info@campaignmonitor.org

Monthly tax receipt

Thanks for using Campaign Monitor to send your campaigns. You were charged a total of USD$15.00 to send unlimited campaigns from 6 December to 5 January

Your credit card statement
Your credit card will show a transaction from: CAMPAIGNMONITOR.COM

Thanks for using Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

404/3-5 Stapleton Ave,
Sutherland NSW Australia 2232

ABN: 42 094 533 445 (Australian Business Number)

VAT: As an Australian company, we do not have a VAT number.

Anyway, unless I have missed something this is clearly not re-brandable or while label... Should this not reflect my company, info, and domain?

This look fine under the FAQ

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


You as the account owner get a different invoice to your client accounts - since you already know about Campaign Monitor you get the Campaign Monitor version when you pay.

Your client will get the whitelabel version instead.

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