using PHP wrapper to add email address

This should be pretty straightforward, but I think the real problem is that I'm having trouble finding up-to-date and detailed documentation about the API.  There was another article in this forum that should have answered my question (id=4392), but when I wrote my code the way it was done in that example it didn't work; that developer was creating a new CampaignMonitor, and I don't even see that class listed in the wrapper code that I downloaded yesterday (12/6/2010).

So, here's the PHP code that I'm using:

    $email = $_GET["email"];
    $list_id = '<my list ID>';
    $api_key = '<my API key';
    $protocol = 'https';
    $debug_level = CS_REST_LOG_VERBOSE;
    $host = '';
    $log = NULL;
    $serialiser = NULL;
    $transport = NULL;
    $subscriber->EmailAddress = $email;
    $subscriber->Name = "";
    $subscriber->CustomFields = NULL;

    $cm = new CS_REST_Subscribers($list_id, $api_key, $protocol, $debug_level, $host, $log,     $serialiser, $transport);
    $result = $cm->add($subscriber);
    if ($result->was_successful()) {
        echo "Success!";
    } else {
          echo "oops!";

Could someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong, and perhaps more importantly, point me to where in the documentation I should have found out how to do this on my own?  Thanks so much!

phripley phripley, 7 years ago

I'm new to this too.  Did you look at the Subscriber.Add.php example?

Looks like this:

    //Sample using the CMBase.php wrapper to call Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields from any version of PHP
    //Relative path to CMBase.php. This example assumes the file is in the same folder
    //Your API Key. Go to to see where to find this and other required keys
    $api_key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
    $client_id = null;
    $campaign_id = null;
    $list_id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
    $cm = new CampaignMonitor( $api_key, $client_id, $campaign_id, $list_id );
    //Optional statement to include debugging information in the result
    //$cm->debug_level = 1;
    //This is the actual call to the method, passing email address, name.
    $result = $cm->subscriberAdd('', 'Joe Smith');

    if($result['Result']['Code'] == 0)
        echo 'Success';
        echo 'Error : ' . $result['Result']['Message'];
    //Print out the debugging info

For my purpose it turned out that what I really wanted was subscriberAddAndResubscribe() not subscriberAdd() tho...

phripley phripley, 7 years ago

Achh. Seems that you are asking about API v3 while I am talking about API v2.  Will let someone with experience follow up with you here.

tobyb tobyb, 7 years ago


A good place to start for usage of the PHP wrapper is the samples directory. We've included sample code for all API resources. Take a look at samples/subscriber/add.php

It looks like your providing an object to the wrapper rather than an array as expected.

present.occupant, 7 years ago

Success!  Thanks, tobyb...hadn't noticed the sample code.  And thanks to you too, phripley, for the support!  Here's the code that I used that worked.

    $email = $_GET["email"];
    $list_id = '<my list ID>';
    $api_key = '<my API key>';
    $cm = new CS_REST_Subscribers($list_id, $api_key);
    $result = $cm->add(array(
    'EmailAddress' => $email,
    'Resubscribe' => TRUE
    if ($result->was_successful()) {
        echo "Subscribed with code ".$result->http_status_code;
    } else {
        echo 'Failed with code '.$result->http_status_code."\n<br /><pre>";
            echo '</pre>';   

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