Reseller volume discount

I am very interested in setting up one or two MailBuild reseller sites.
One thing I've noticed strikes me as slightly unsual in the reseller market; no volume discounts for cummulative business?

The main reason I ask, is that otherwise you are in direct competition with your most successful resellers, as most clients nowadays do use search engines to check up on the best deals. Hence it wouldn't take much for them to find your site and prices to compare against any of your resellers.

Hope you will give this some consideration, even if the initial discount is small but tiered - something similar in structure to the following which I use successfully:

Once there, click on:
"Domain Registration Pricing "

Thanks for listening

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We don't actually make it easy for people to know that our system is the same as someone elses - if you setup and resell MailBuild you don't have to mention anything about MailBuild at all, and you can use all your own copy and a custom domain, so really there is no clear connection between us.

The application itself never mentions MailBuild at all either.

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vince, 9 years ago

Hi Mathew,
Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Basically, it doesn't matter that they don't know we are a reseller for MailBuild.
You will still be a cheaper competitor.
Resellers need to mark-up your 'standard' prices to earn a living.

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

We offer bulk pricing discounts which should be what your after Vince. We don't offer any further discounts on these prices.

And I should point out that we don't actually resell our products ourselves (we don't offer custom template design, training etc), so you won't be competing with us.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Exactly - we sell to web designers, and you guys can provide the custom design, the strategy, advice and more. There is no shortage of products out there to send emails, and even our base rates won't always be the cheapest possible product.

So we try to help you provide a service to your clients that is worth more to them. Checkout for example.

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