Non latin characters in list names and custom field names problem

I want to give my lists and my custom fields non English names (specifically I want them to be in Greek).

But they do not appear properly. I get the known "garbage" characters.

And that's happening while I'm working in my accounts administration pages. I'm not importing anything and I'm not using the API.

Can anyone please tell me how can I have this fixed?

Else, I suppose there might be something wrong with the encoding of those pages or the encoding of the database that stores the information.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Sorry for the trouble, right now we don't support those non-English standard characters in list names or field names I'm afraid.

You can store all your Greek email addresses and campaign content without any problem though, as long as it is in UTF-8 encoding.

Is using English names for your lists and fields going to cause you trouble in other areas?

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fkerasar, 7 years ago

Personally I have no problem to use English for the names of lists and custom fields, though I would prefer to have the freedom to use my native language.

The following is a suggestion by me, which I think would be useful for the development of the business, both mine and yours.

My concern is that if I'm going to resell your service, as I plan, there are quite a few other people who are not so confortable with a foreign language and would definitely prefer to be able to use their native one. Because when they're giving a name to a list or field they are not just reading an english text in the inteface. They have to come up with a term in English and write it and that is much more difficult. The other solution for them is to use the so-called greeklish which is greek written with latin characters. But this is really ugly and inefficient and many people (including me) detest it. So, it's a bit harder for me to sell your servive.

I like your service and I tested some others too, before I decide to use it. So I believe my decision is informed. But you can improve it further and have better access to non-English speaking markets. Some other competitive services do have such multilingual features (though they miss some more important ones).

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